Don’t disturb me now; I can see the answers, Runes for August

Nauthiz, Inguz, EIhwaz

This is going to be a conservative month, so you may want to pull back on the luxuries, at least for a minute. Things will balance out, and there is a bigger reason why some things are not going to work out. It could be that the timing or the personnel involved are not right, or that there is more information, training, or time required.

It may be hard to get things going- to to some of the first steps right now. Anything already started will go in unimpeded. Also- there may be the problem of too many ideas – let them all flow and don’t worry about choosing one right now- the time for action on them will be next month, so hold on to the ideas and let them bounce around and grow.

Instead of focusing on what you are or are not getting accomplished – look at what roadblocks you are throwing ahead of you. Take this time to really look and who or what stops you. You will find that once you really acknowledge the source of these, they will be a lot easier to remove.