Getting in tune to the straight and narrow

This week in runes.

Uruz reversed, Sowelu, Wunjo
Much like Dionysus being torn apart by the Titans, we are being ripped open this week and left with just what is in our hearts. You must look deep into your heart and face your truth. Look not at what you were supposed to have become, or at what you think others want from you. What is it that really makes your heart sing? It is time to rebuild ourselves from the heart outward. We have been razed to the ground and it is up to you to rebuild yourself in line with your true purpose, or to just rebuild things exactly how they were before.

So, what is it that you really want? Are you already doing the the work you want to do? If so, what is keeping you from expanding to the next level? Are you with the person you love? Is something keeping you from loving the one you are with? It is time to shut out everyone else for a few days and listen only to your heart, your dreams, and find your soul’s mission. The more you fight your truth, the more you deny your power, the rougher this week is going to be on you. Things will ease up as you tune in to yourself.

The big challenge will be feeling so scattered and ripped apart. There is a good chance that you will be questioning a lot of things. Everything is up in the trying to decide where it will land. Even you are just the goo that will become a butterfly, so just ease into the nothingness and decide what you will be. Faith and speaking your truth will keep worries at bay.

Go easy on yourself this week. There will be a lot of twists and turns as you are being reformed into the amazing person that you already knew was inside waiting to emerge. We will be testing ourselves in some rather creative ways, so buckle up and trust yourself.

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