Rune of the Day, March 9, I go walking in the middle of the night

Sowelu, Algiz reversed, Dagaz

It may feel right now as though you are under attack from invisible forces, but it is just one of the final phases of growing into you as a whole person. Emotions are going to fluctuate for a little while, do not fight the feelings that arise, simply acknowledge each one and give it space. Also, be aware of your diet at this time, with all the spiritual changes going on in the background, make sure that you are reinforcing them physically. It may be time to step away from things like alcohol, coffee, and sugar. If that is too big of a change, at least be conscious of your consumption and try to cut back. Major shifts are happening right now, they just need the space and support to happen. Don’t fight what you are feeling, though there is no need to act right away, just be.

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