Rune of the Day, March 1, I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair

Fehu reversed, Mannaz reversed, Halgaz
It is time to do a bit of spring cleaning! Your attachments to your physical possessions are blocking your ability to know yourself. Everything is made of energy and contains energy, so look around at the clutter and the things you have been holding onto. When you keep items from soured relationships you are also keeping a pathway to the memories alive and that item carries its own memories too. So it is time to shake things up around the house. If you are not ready for a big overhaul; at least find one thing in each room that can be given away or thrown out. Sometimes just moving things around is enough to shift the energy. Right now things are a bit stagnant and it is the energy of your things that is bogging you down. If it doesn’t make you smile, why do you keep it around?

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