Rune of the Day, March 24, Somewhere over the rainbow

Thurisa reversed, Tiewaz reversed, Fehu
Hold on tight! Things are happening quickly today, do not let yourself be swept away. Let the energy move through you, but don’t let it push you into rash actions. Stay mindful of the things you have already gained and work to preserve what you have. Enjoy the excitement around you, but don’t get caught up in the whirlwind. Stay strong and on course.

Rune of the Day, March 23, I can see clearly now the rain is gone

Wunjo, Algiz reversed, Uruz reversed
Take advantage of today. There is joy to be had if you seize the moment and remain open to adventures. Just be aware of people who may take advantage of you, because with this influx of energy, you are wide open. Recheck your boundaries to make sure they are in place and being enforced, and maintain an attitude of gratitude for all the amazing things that are coming your way.

Rune of the Day, March 21, In your eyes

Ansuz reversed, Hagalz, Gebo
The disconnect from the universe you are currently experiencing can be healed by spending time with new friends and allies. Sometimes we need to see the world through someone else’s eyes to gain a clear view of how the world works. This new perspective will help you grow and deal with the shakeups and disruptions that are happening right now.

Rune of the Day, March 17, So long and thanks for all the fish

Odin, Fehu reversed, Ansuz
Don’t worry about your frustrations today. They are simply a part of a much larger magic working through you. You are being given the answers, even though they may not make sense right now, so stop asking and start receiving.

Rune of the Day, March 14, The thunder rolls

Be prepared for disruptions. Your plans for the day may go awry, but do not worry, it is simply a rerouting effort to shake you up and help you face have you deal with anger. Anger lets us know that things are out of balance. Pay attention to what makes you angry and most importantly why. Dig deeper to find out what it is about the situation that really makes you angry, there is an opportunity to heal and grow. Once you find the true cause you will be able to express yourself more freely and finally get the results you are looking for.

Rune of the Day, March 13, Why today I feel like dancing, singing like lovers sing

Jera, Berkana reversed, Ehwaz reversed
Things are really starting to come to fruition right now, and there are a lot of choices to be made. Take your time and consider each one carefully. The biggest challenge right now is to not act hastily. You will make the right decisions with the information you have, just don’t rush things. The correct action may be to simply pass on the opportunity. Keep checking in with yourself about how each decision sits in your belly and your heart. A few flutters are natural because we are often just a little bit scared of awesome outcomes, but if your heart is hesitating and not all the way into the project, hold off or let it go. There will be more opportunities, don’t be afraid to hold out for the right one.

Rune of the Day, March 12, If I only had the courage

Tiewaz reversed, EIhwaz, Fehu reversed
The root of your hesitations right now lies in denial. It is time to be fully honest with yourself about who you are and what you really want. Honesty can become a habit just as easily as lying can. Each time it gets easier and it open the door for faith, trust, and hope. It can be hard at first to face the parts of yourself that you have been denying, but great healing can come from the acknowledgment and clearing away of these lies you tell yourself. You also may find hidden strengths that you were previously afraid to use.

Rune of the Day, March 11, My hands felt just like two balloons

Sowelu, Nauthiz, Perth reversed
The final phase of wholeness has just completed for many of us. You may have felt a slight shift over the weekend, far in the background. The key now is to accept and forgive the parts of you that you may feel ashamed of. You are whole and perfect even if you can’t see it right now, you will. Let this evolution happen organically and watch as old ways of being simply fall away. Things may feel as though they are going awry, but it is just a period of adjustment as you shift into the new you. They say the definition of insanity if doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, so you may feel as though you are a little insane, as the results of habitual actions are now going to start changing. This slight feeling of insanity is normal when going through a spiritual shift, so roll with the strange places that your thoughts and feelings go, don’t fight or question it, just be, things will mellow out soon.

Rune of the Day, March 10, The ants go marching one by one, hurrah

Nauthiz, Ehwaz reversed, Jera
It is time to deal with all the rules and regulations set up by you and the others around you. We all have an idea of how things should be, how we should behave, and how we should feel about this or that. The key word is ‘should’. These are expectations and constraints that we place on ourselves or simply accept as true, but it is time to examine the roles these rules play in our lives. If the rules you set for yourself is keeping you back from your growth, it may be time to amend your personal constitution. The challenge will be the feeling that you are not getting anywhere right now, but that is okay, this type of shift takes time, and you will get there by moving steadily forward. Have faith in yourself and the process of self-change, sometimes just being aware and asking the right questions is all you need to start he journey.

Rune of the Day, March 9, I go walking in the middle of the night

Sowelu, Algiz reversed, Dagaz

It may feel right now as though you are under attack from invisible forces, but it is just one of the final phases of growing into you as a whole person. Emotions are going to fluctuate for a little while, do not fight the feelings that arise, simply acknowledge each one and give it space. Also, be aware of your diet at this time, with all the spiritual changes going on in the background, make sure that you are reinforcing them physically. It may be time to step away from things like alcohol, coffee, and sugar. If that is too big of a change, at least be conscious of your consumption and try to cut back. Major shifts are happening right now, they just need the space and support to happen. Don’t fight what you are feeling, though there is no need to act right away, just be.