Rune of the Day, Feb 13, There are Jews in the world, there are Buddhists

Solewu, Berkana, Odin
Wholeness, day two. Today take a look at how much compassion you have for other people. You get what you give. Making judgments about how people look, or speak, or act without first getting to know them keeps you from finding the help and compassion that will help you grow. Your next greatest teacher could be the one with the funny hair, or the strange accent. We are all being of light and greatness and capable of immense good, so give someone a chance today, someone that yesterday you would not consider speaking to. If you are walking in a big city it could be as small as taking some change with you for the homeless, or offering to buy them a sandwich. It could be asking a coworker that you usually ignore how their day is going. Small acts of compassion will lead to others having more compassion for you. The more good you put into the world the more you will get back, the struggle for some is not knowing in what form it will come. Be content in not knowing what will happen, and trust that it will be amazing.

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