Rune of the day, Feb 1, Fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering

It takes a lot of courage to truly want to be whole. This is also a journey of compassion for yourself and those around you. First you must examine and know yourself, find and acknowledge your flaws and also your strengths. You must be open to not knowing everything before you can learn the secrets of the universe. You must learn to trust others and to trust your own intuition. Lastly, you must forgive, and forgive and forgive. All of the grudges and distrust and denial that you carry with you chip away at you and spread your energy too thin. There is also the need to be moving forward, not rushing but constantly growing. We are built to evolve, there are times for stillness, but they are only brief pauses while the work you are doing takes effect. If you are feeling that something is lacking, go back through the works of Ehwaz, Gebo, Perth, and Mannaz, they hold the key to wholeness. Striving to be whole can be frightening if you are only focused on giving up your very comforting crutches. But the rewards are much greater than the comforts of not evolving.

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