Rune of the Day, Jan 26, With a little help from my friends

We are social creatures for a reason. Not just to cure loneliness and to pass the time, but there are things we can learn from our friends. We can grow by helping other through their struggles and when we are down there is someone to help us get back up. Take some time today to tell your friends that you care for them. Also too, this rune can signify that a new relationship is about to begin. It follows the rune for self, meaning one you know yourself you can be known by others. Did you do the work two days ago dealing with honesty to yourself? If you did, the new partner will be true and trustworthy. If you are still in denial of your true self, you will draw those who seek to use you. Great partnerships are based on trust and if you can’t trust yourself, you won’t find a partner you can trust.

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