Rune of the Day, Jan 24, I’ve been living this lie for way too long

Othila reversed
Brutal honesty is the path to follow today. If you are not living true to yourself, through denial or a refusal to see yourself clearly; it will all come crashing down around you. Dig deep and find your truth and live it or your lies will hurt not only yourself but those around you that you care deeply for. Yes, there may be some grief and some other negative emotions that may result from being honest, but their impact if far lesser than the impact of false living. It is one thing to believe or feel a certain way, it is much worse to hide it and mislead your family and friends. Trust that they can deal with all that you are and all that you are becoming. They too have truths about themselves that they are shielding for fear of judgment from you. Also, in your place of truth, do not force events. Have faith in the universe that by living truly, things will happen naturally and in their proper time.

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