Rune of the Day, Jan 4, I see a doorway and I want to paint it black

Ansuz reversed
It may feel as though you are out of touch with others today. There is a good reason for this. The message will be coming later and right now is a time to learn how to be okay with being still and empty. The lack of communication right now is a chance to listen to yourself and to be okay with not knowing the answers. Listen also to the little voice that still debates what you should have done in a situation passed. Let go of the decisions you made or failed to make. Holding onto these crossroads keeps you from seeing clearly the choices in front of you. It makes it seems as though you only have one choice, but that is just a blind spot created by your guilt over not taking that road before. Clear these choices and stand still in your emptiness and know that soon you will know exactly what to do.

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