Rune of the Day, Dec 22, At first I was afraid, I was petrified

Now that things have quieted down, and the world didn’t really end, what are you left with? It is time to stand still for a moment and listen to your inner self. What have you learned in the last few weeks of uncertain energy? What revelations have emerged? Now that you know yourself it is time to set yourself free. Not by any great action, but simply by being still and being one with all that you are. Once you have found the stillness seek out and acknowledge those things you fear, the fears that immobilize you. Feel them and let them go. Know that they no longer serve you. Stand still in a place without fear, without the need to do something, when the time is right, the correct actions will come and the first steps will be effortless. If you feel a resistance in your efforts, stop and take another look at yourself. What is tethering you? Keep releasing until you feel calm and serene and the tethers will release, and you will feel the freedom.

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