Rune of the Day, Dec 1

Each of us is already whole. It doesn’t feel like it because so many parts of you are hidden away. We hide beliefs and feelings from ourselves and from others for fear of being judged. We judge ourselves too, thinking in circles about what other people would think. It can be an endless cycle that leads to no one really being themselves around others. And it is really very sad because if you all knew the goodness in in each other we could all be free all the time. The place to begin is within yourself. If you can have compassion for every part of your being, for the thoughts that you think are ugly, for the emotions you are ashamed to admit, for your weaknesses, for your strengths, your bad decisions, your regrets, and your unspoken wishes. If you can accept all of yourself and let the light of the universe into every dark corner of yourself, you can begin to be all of yourself. Once you lift the filter and let your true being shine, you allow others to share with you in the same way. You can only receive from others to the degree that you share yourself

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