Rune of the day Nov 29, Anthony works in the grocery store……

Kano Reversed
All of a sudden, things don’t look quite right. It is because you are still trying to do things the way you always have and it is no longer working. It is time for you to evolve. When you get that yucky feeling take a moment to look at what you are doing. Are you doing it out of habit? Is it what you think is expected? Are you trying to force the situation? I am not trying to make you question every action; but it you always do what you did before you will keep getting the same results.
Also too look at who you feel is responsible for your current situation. Have you accepted full responsibility for where you are now? Or are you still blaming your upbringing or your boss or your significant other? Think back to the choices you made that led to this. If you can own up to walking the path that got you here, you can then see the way out, and start walking again.

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