Rune of the day, Nov 23, Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Perth Reversed, Gebo, Kano reversed

There is an opportunity that you are afraid to take advantage of. It may be a new job, a relationship, or a project. It seems as though you do now feel worthy of this new step, that you are not ready and you need more time to prepare. Yes, you very well may fail in this task if you go for it. That fear can be debilitation for some. But here is where it is coming from: in order to achieve this goal you are going to have to replace someone in your life. There is a relationship that needs to end because you have walked the path together and that person needs to go his or her own way for a while. This person may come back to you at some point, but neither one of you will get where you need to go if you stick together. You must have faith and let that person go, and then you will be able to accept the new into your life. Once you have done that the fear of failing at your new enterprise will dissipate and your confidence you be restored by the influx of this new energy.

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