Rune of the day, Nov 20. Let’s start from the very beginning

Mannaz, a very good place to start

Some writing teachers say to always start your story at a place of innocence. Make your characters like able so the reader will care about what happens to them and can cheers for them when they are down. It also give the characters the ability to surprise you.

 It it time to see yourself in a place of innocence. Go back to a time when the world was perfect for you, before you starting fighting with your siblings or got picked on by older kids or had someone betray you. Your body knows what it feels like to be innocent, no matter what you have been through or what you done to other people. There is still a part of you that is pure, and today is the day to get in touch with it. The importance is this: when you are in the serenity of innocence, time is not a factor. You are not worried about what  she did or said in the past. You are not thinking of what he will say or do when you see him next. The feeling of innocence is the feeling of now, of being in the moment. It is being present with the rustling of the leaves and the traffic and not consumed with what ifs. Yes, we are grown up now, and there are things that need to be taken tare of and dealt with. But how much time to you spend worrying about  the situation versus the amount of time it takes to actually deal with the issue? Innocence is living in the moment with the knowledge that everything will be taken care of. Just becasue you are the one taking care of things does not mean you have to sacrifice that freedom.

The point is: we had to learn that a+b=c.  It is important for survival to know some how  to interact with the physical world and the practicalities of being a physical being. But it doesn’t apply to human interactions the same way. Yes, so maybe the last time you dated someone with dark hair it turned out badly, but that doesn’t mean that every tall dark haired man will treat you badly. It was just that one. So the same conclusions that we draw about the physical world don’t always apply. Going into an interaction thinking that he is going do this because this other person did this takes the truth and freedom out of your current relationship. How much joy are you missing because you assume that someone is going to react in a certain way? But what if that person has reacted that way before? Shouldn’t you always expect them to react that way again? Yes and no. Have you evolved? Maybe that person has to. We are all vibrant living, growing and changing beings, each at our own pace. It is hardest to see the changes in the people closest to you because what we see when you are with them is the memory and program of who they are. It is like viewing a Yahoo off line. Yes the information is true and it was true yesterday, but it is out of date and may not be the current truth. If you view someone from a place of innocence, you are seeing them as they are now. They may surprise you, if you let them. Or they may just follow the same pattern. But you taken away their abiality to express the changes if you have it set in your head that there is only one correct way for them to react.

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