Rune of the day, Nov 30, Turn and face the strange

Thurisa reversed
Many things have been changing lately and now you can see the gateway ahead of you but you are not quite ready to walk through. Something is holding you back for your own good. You are blocking your inner wisdom and the buzzing in the back of your head is a bit distracting. Take a moment to double check your intentions. Are you perusing this path for your highest good or for the sake of your ego? Once you have made the distinction, you can move forward or turn away. The worst thing you can do right now is to leap ahead without being in touch with your motives as that will just create more obstacles for you to clear. You could still get where you want to be, but with unnecessary vexation. So, seriously take some time to figure out why you want to walk through that door.

Rune of the day Nov 29, Anthony works in the grocery store……

Kano Reversed
All of a sudden, things don’t look quite right. It is because you are still trying to do things the way you always have and it is no longer working. It is time for you to evolve. When you get that yucky feeling take a moment to look at what you are doing. Are you doing it out of habit? Is it what you think is expected? Are you trying to force the situation? I am not trying to make you question every action; but it you always do what you did before you will keep getting the same results.
Also too look at who you feel is responsible for your current situation. Have you accepted full responsibility for where you are now? Or are you still blaming your upbringing or your boss or your significant other? Think back to the choices you made that led to this. If you can own up to walking the path that got you here, you can then see the way out, and start walking again.

Rune of the day Nov 28, The not so cowardly lion


You already have the courage you need to face the things in your life that are holding you back. It is time to do a little weeding; to pull out and trim back the emotions that no longer serve you and are hindering your growth. You will not be clearing away the brambles with little pruning shears, because this can be a fun exercise. Instead, take out the shiny long sword or jeweled dagger that your warrior self carries and swiftly and easily cut the tendrils wrapping around your ankles that try to slow you down. These tendrils are memories that keep popping up when you are thinking of something else. When this happens, and you say to yourself “why did that just pop into my head?” Take a moment to acknowledge that memory and say “Yes, I know you are here but you belong in the past. I don’t need you anymore, goodbye.” and watch that memory leave your space. Or if you prefer, watch it disappear in a puff of smoke, the color doesn’t matter as long as the visual brings a smile to you face and you know that you are moving on.

Rune of the Day Nov 27, I’ve got a secret, secret secret

Right now you will not be getting the answer to that one specific question. Right now the information is not yours to know. Some people really hate surprises, but Odin likes to keep things for when you are ready for them. We have all had things that we wished we didn’t know. If you knew that the relationship was going to end, would you have started it? What would you have missed in the process? It is time to have faith the end will take care of itself. You will get the nudges you need when you need them, but stop asking the same question over and over and start enjoying the journey.

Rune of the Day, Nov 26, I get a kick out of you..

Wunjo Reversed

Ah! The spark has gone! The twinkle in your eyes in a bit dim. Everything is taking way too long and the process is way too complex. Or at least that is the way it seems. This is only a test, as is many things. No, I am not going to say “you need to learn patience”. That is for another day, today the issue today is one of serenity. So of course, we go the serenity prayer. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” The last part many be the trickiest for some.
Just remember that the best place to find things you can change is inside yourself. You can’t change another person by force of will or long debates, but you can decide to let it go and be at peace with the other person as they are, even if you don’t like what they have to say.

Rune of the Day, Nov 25

The new chapter in your life is now crystal clear. You can see where you want to be and are full of potential. Now it is time to tie up all those loose ends, to finish the smaller projects that you think about at odd times. Getting them done and out of your space will help you emerge from your cocoon without snagging your wings on some silly little detail. Above all, be content in your faith in yourself.

Rune of the day, Nov 23, Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

Perth Reversed, Gebo, Kano reversed

There is an opportunity that you are afraid to take advantage of. It may be a new job, a relationship, or a project. It seems as though you do now feel worthy of this new step, that you are not ready and you need more time to prepare. Yes, you very well may fail in this task if you go for it. That fear can be debilitation for some. But here is where it is coming from: in order to achieve this goal you are going to have to replace someone in your life. There is a relationship that needs to end because you have walked the path together and that person needs to go his or her own way for a while. This person may come back to you at some point, but neither one of you will get where you need to go if you stick together. You must have faith and let that person go, and then you will be able to accept the new into your life. Once you have done that the fear of failing at your new enterprise will dissipate and your confidence you be restored by the influx of this new energy.

Rune of the day Nov 21, On the road again

Raido reversed
Feeling a bit stuck are we? No matter what you say it seems as though you cannot get your message across correctly. Is it the listener that is flawed? Or are your perceptions of the person making you deliver the message in a way that prevents them from hearing? Did you go back to the place of innocence that we talked about yesterday? Great! Now you just need to surrender yourself to that innocence and trust in yourself.
The killer thing about surrender is that you are no longer in control. It is a lovely thought to find your innocence and to be happy like a child, but to take the next step and surrender to it takes a leap of faith. Any time you choose to surrender to something no matter how amazing it is, you have to give up your fear of not being in control and that is terrifying for many.

Reading the chakras with runes

In addition to my runes and cards I am also a Theta energy healer and have a lot of fun with it. While I can look at a person’s chakras and gain a lot of information just through the color, intensity and clarity, I have found a way to gain a different insight. Most of my work involves removing trapped negative emotions from the chakras and they usually make themselves known pretty quickly when I am doing Theta. This is a fun way to combine the two modalities and help the person see what is going on inside. It also helps illuminate how one belief can cause a domino effect and can help negative beliefs reinforce each other. We don’t just believe something on one level, the belief gets passed around and altered and strengthened. Which is why it is important to find and clear out the negative beliefs, so you can stop making up stories about yourself and the world around you.
I drew two lines of runes from the top chakra down for this imaginary man, but will read them from the bottom up. The right hand column is the emotions and the left hand column is the topic it deals with. I could write an essay on each of the pairing but it will keep it very simplified. This is also a very generalized example. Here is the sample I drew:

So, this person is holding shame in the root chakra and it is related to how he sees himself as man. He does not feel that he is behaving in the way his definition of a man should. Is he using his strength to be a bully or to support people who are weaker? To help this person I would first release the shame, and then give him access to the definition true strength.
The second chakra shows to me that he does not believe that god loves him. Ouch! This can be a biggie and takes belief work in theta to clear up. But finding a belief like this also helps clear up many of the other beliefs that stem from it.
Not surprisingly the third charka is showing that his faith has recently been shaken by a seemingly random event. It is trying to reinforce the belief of the charka below by saying “Yes, you did say that I am not loved and this proved it!”
Not to despair, the heart chakra is pretty solid in the wisdom that can be gained when joy is lost.
The throat chakra, though, seems to think that its prayers are not being answered. Again, reinforcing the second chakra’s belief.
And then we get to the third eye which is saying that he has waited and waited and waited and has not seen the signal. His patience is running thin and no wonder when he is in a crisis of faith.
The crown chakra shows us that he has denied all progress with his connection to the divine. Though there has been progress, the signal has been sent and the prayers will be answered and there is a reason for the randomness in his life. It all comes back to the belief that he is not worthy of God’s love because he is not “man” enough.
So from the first two we find the root of it all, but it is important to look at all of them because when you are conscious of your issues and where they stem from the healing has a greater impact. I could just deal with the issues of masculinity and stop there. But knowing how it impacted his faith in god and tracing the effects it had helps him let go of all of it. Once the issues are clear, then we can begin the belief work in Theta.

Rune of the day, Nov 20. Let’s start from the very beginning

Mannaz, a very good place to start

Some writing teachers say to always start your story at a place of innocence. Make your characters like able so the reader will care about what happens to them and can cheers for them when they are down. It also give the characters the ability to surprise you.

 It it time to see yourself in a place of innocence. Go back to a time when the world was perfect for you, before you starting fighting with your siblings or got picked on by older kids or had someone betray you. Your body knows what it feels like to be innocent, no matter what you have been through or what you done to other people. There is still a part of you that is pure, and today is the day to get in touch with it. The importance is this: when you are in the serenity of innocence, time is not a factor. You are not worried about what  she did or said in the past. You are not thinking of what he will say or do when you see him next. The feeling of innocence is the feeling of now, of being in the moment. It is being present with the rustling of the leaves and the traffic and not consumed with what ifs. Yes, we are grown up now, and there are things that need to be taken tare of and dealt with. But how much time to you spend worrying about  the situation versus the amount of time it takes to actually deal with the issue? Innocence is living in the moment with the knowledge that everything will be taken care of. Just becasue you are the one taking care of things does not mean you have to sacrifice that freedom.

The point is: we had to learn that a+b=c.  It is important for survival to know some how  to interact with the physical world and the practicalities of being a physical being. But it doesn’t apply to human interactions the same way. Yes, so maybe the last time you dated someone with dark hair it turned out badly, but that doesn’t mean that every tall dark haired man will treat you badly. It was just that one. So the same conclusions that we draw about the physical world don’t always apply. Going into an interaction thinking that he is going do this because this other person did this takes the truth and freedom out of your current relationship. How much joy are you missing because you assume that someone is going to react in a certain way? But what if that person has reacted that way before? Shouldn’t you always expect them to react that way again? Yes and no. Have you evolved? Maybe that person has to. We are all vibrant living, growing and changing beings, each at our own pace. It is hardest to see the changes in the people closest to you because what we see when you are with them is the memory and program of who they are. It is like viewing a Yahoo off line. Yes the information is true and it was true yesterday, but it is out of date and may not be the current truth. If you view someone from a place of innocence, you are seeing them as they are now. They may surprise you, if you let them. Or they may just follow the same pattern. But you taken away their abiality to express the changes if you have it set in your head that there is only one correct way for them to react.