Card of the day with a special message from GG Kellen

The world

“First know that as a spiritual being, you are already whole and perfect. All that you need to achieve wholeness in your human form has been made available to you. All you have to do is ask for it and be ready to accept it. Being ready to accept your true self can be a bit of a challenge because you have to let go of the negative programs that have served to comfort you and keep you safe from the responsibilities of being in complete control of your life. It is easy to say that the world, society, your upbringing, and especially your parents are responsible for the way things are right now. Know that you chose this life, your parents, and your challenges. It is fun and comforting to feel that you have manifested all the good in your life, know that the same is true for the bad.
Once you have come to terms with the role you have played in your own life, it is time to forgive yourself. Find the lessons in the events you created and you will be fully adapted for the next leg in your journey.” GG Kellen

One thought on “Card of the day with a special message from GG Kellen

  1. Hi GG Kellen,

    You’re right. Most people really like to blame the world, or their parents, or TV, or whatever for the bad choices they make. But whatever happens to us, or whatever we’re exposed to, we still can choose how we respond, what we do, and what we be.

    I agree that we are already perfect and whole as we are, that is very true. Also, I think that part of accepting who we are, is to LIVE as who we are—to make the right choices in everyday situations, to choose to love. Respond RIGHTLY, and lovingly.

    It’s easy to forget who you are when you just had a great 20 minute accept-myself-for-who-I-am meditation in your room, and now you go off to your work and find that your boss is angry with you because you forgot to finish your work the day before. That’s where it gets iffy. How do you respond then? Will you still accept yourself or will you start thinking you’re a bad person?

    I’m not saying we CAN’T keep accepting who we are, just that it’s very easy to start thinking again that we’re a bad person. And therefore we need to LIVE as who we are, intentionally! Live by our hearts responses, be patient, forbearing and humble; all that good stuff. CHOOSE to be that, through angry bosses, flat tires, our OWN bad choices, and all.

    Hope this helps,


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